Film Reviews

Hunter Killer

Sub Standard

They say films reflect the times in which they’re produced. So no wonder I’ve just sat through a violent, militaristic prepostero-fantasy about the brink of…


Storm Warning

Even the time in which Geostorm is set is patently ludicrous. In the future, the nations of the world have come together to construct a globe-spanning…



Scorsese’s latest could not take us further away from the mean streets of New York mob violence that we associate with his name. Silence, epic adaptation…


The Miracle Man

Profiling all-American heroes has become something of a motif for Clint Eastwood the director. The nationalistic patriotism of American Sniper


Altitude Slickness

Against a sky of deep crystal blue, in the remote and heady peaks of the Swiss Alps, Michael Caine conducts a symphony of cattle, their…


Spectral Analysis

Nine years on, it’s possible to forget the magnitude of the shift in tone achieved by Daniel Craig’s first Bond outing, Casino Royale (2006)…