Film Reviews


Storm Warning

Even the time in which Geostorm is set is patently ludicrous. In the future, the nations of the world have come together to construct a globe-spanning…



Scorsese’s latest could not take us further away from the mean streets of New York mob violence that we associate with his name. Silence, epic adaptation…


The Miracle Man

Profiling all-American heroes has become something of a motif for Clint Eastwood the director. The nationalistic patriotism of American Sniper


Altitude Slickness

Against a sky of deep crystal blue, in the remote and heady peaks of the Swiss Alps, Michael Caine conducts a symphony of cattle, their…


Spectral Analysis

Nine years on, it’s possible to forget the magnitude of the shift in tone achieved by Daniel Craig’s first Bond outing, Casino Royale (2006)…